Springs Church

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Everything you need to know

Q. What are your meeting times?

10:00  |  Discipleship Groups
10:00  |  Springs Kids (KIDS)
10:45  |  Springs Cafe 
11:00  |  Worship Service
12:20  |  Love Feast (Every 1st Sunday)
6:20  |  SKIDS (Ages 5-18)
6:20  |  Bible Study (Currently in Matthew)

Q. Do you have a children's program?

Yes.  Our kids program is called SKIDS (abbreviated for Springs Kids), and is designed for kids aged 5-12. SKIDS is provided during our Small Groups time on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Kids are released to a parent prior to service, allowing families to worship together.

Q. Do you have a youth program for teenagers?  

Yes. We have a 'loose' program now, but are praying for the Lord to bring us the right youth leader.

Q. What are the Discipleship Groups like?

Encouraging.  Men are encouraging other men, and women are encouraging other women.  Life lessons are talked about, and biblical principles are shared through gender-specific testimony.

Q. How should I dress?

In clean clothes if you have them :)

Q. Where should I park?

Parking is available on both sides of the buildings, but the left side (in front of McDonald's) is most common.

Q. Are you setup to accommodate special needs families?

Yes.  We are working towards being able to accommodate as many needs as possible, but we currently have a:

  • Hearing impaired system
  • Elevator to access the SKIDS program (on second floor)
  • Live service broadcast in the fellowship hall.  If you need to step out with your kid, you can quickly reach our fellowship hall and watch the live broadcast on a large screen without feeling like your child is a distraction. 

Q. What are services like?

Sundays are usually more practically oriented, dealing with real issues and how we can walk in the abundance of life the Lord has offered us. Wednesday's are usually more in-depth, and are geared towards grounding believers in the faith.

Q. What is the music like?

We sing both contemporary and traditional songs, usually with a little more pep - making a joyful noise!

Q. Is this a denominational church?

We could be considered a blend of Baptist/Non-Denominational/Messianic - we are one of the most eclectic bodies you will find. We have as many Messianic families as we do Baptists, but also have former Catholics, Methodists, Christian, Assembly of God, etc. all part of our body, and we are thankful for every one. God has given us all a healthy dose of liberty to just be His family.