Springs Church

Welcome to Springs

A warm, family-integrated fellowship

Springs is a wonderful congregation that is seeking regular, intimate fellowship with God.  The atmosphere of our weekly meetings is that of a wonderful family-reunion, full of love, joy, and encouragement.  It is a time for us to bask in the presence of God, while singing His praises, and delighting in the goodness of God!  

We are family-integrated in our worship, fellowship and service, but separate by gender during our small groups teaching to allow for mentoring.  We are seeking to pattern ourselves similar to the Jerusalem believers which included teaching, community, eating together, praying together, being of one heart and mind, and caring for those in need (Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-5:11; 6:1-7).  

No matter where you are at in your spiritual journey, Springs can be a place you call home. We’re so glad to meet you.

Welcome to Springs,
Pastor Christian